Tutorial & Walkthrough System

Want to share an important feature of the mobile app with users, highlight an important section, or provide a simple walkthrough of how to navigate through content? Opening tutorial and walkthrough features take guessing games out of the equation and quickly spells out key considerations for users upon opening a mobile app for the first time. Even the most intuitive and well-designed apps can still benefit from an opening tutorial to highlight a handful of features or to simply draw attention to content. The walkthrough system may also be used for more creative approaches like advertising a specific event session, product brochure, or social media page.

The benefits of an opening tutorial or walkthrough system extend beyond obvious factors like guiding users through the app and providing instruction. By dictating the branding and message of an opening splash screen or video--along with a tutorial and then subsequent placement of content on the home screen, companies and organizations sharing mobile app content with end users enjoy complete control over an individual's first impression to a mobile app and its brand, helping to shape focus on certain content and better control the user experience.

The process is simple: clients determine what key features or other information the opening tutorial highlights. Graphics are either designed by the client per specific requirements or more likely created by an AppBurst graphic designer--keeping in mind the goals of each client and app. When a user launches the app, the tutorial loads after the primary splash screen(s) and individuals may quickly view the help screens or skip the walkthrough and be taken directly to the homepage. A user accessing content a subsequent time does not see the tutorial unless a reset of the app or large gap in time has occurred.