Akrimax Mobile App

Akrimax Mobile App


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  • Studies
  • Videos
  • Safety Information
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  • Feedback

Akrimax Mobile App

The Akrimax Mobile App is used by internal sales reps to promote and sell various pharmaceutical products. Users of the app are able to share PDF documents, brochures, and other informational material with doctors. Other highlights of the mobile app include videos, prescribing information, safety info, and a feedback form.

The mobile app is only available to Axrimax employees via an internal distribution method available through Apple. Please contact AppBurst to inquire about different solutions for limiting the availability of mobile apps to internal employees or other targeted audiences.

About Akrimax

Akrimax Pharmaceuticals is a "premier specialty pharmaceutical company providing innovative and advanced ethical prescription medications which have differential and therapeutically meaningful advantages to health care professionals and their patients." AppBurst and Akrimax also worked together in developing the Suprenza Mobile App and MyThyroid Mobile App

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