DC Universe Online Mobile App

DC Universe Online Mobile App


  • Complete Game Guide
  • Weapons & Equipment Lists
  • Detailed Maps
  • Profile Login
  • Player Search
  • Video Tutorials
  • Wallpapers
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  • Official News
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DCUO Mobile App

Users of the AppBurst-developed DC Universe Online Mobile App enjoy access to a rich feature list aimed to serve as a useful companion to the popular video game by Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online Entertainment). The home screen provides shortcuts to updated game news and downloadable wallpapers, as well as social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube game tutorials, and Twitch streams. A complete game guide also enables gamers to lookup and view details on equipment, weapons, and maps. Content is categorized by criteria like map location and weapon type for easy access and includes the ability to bookmark favorite items and share details of a specific item via email or social media. Gamers are also able to login to their SOE account and view their detailed profile information and the various characters, as well as lookup friends and chat with fellow gamers. Other highlights of the mobile app include the ability to search for players by their username to pull up ratings, levels, trophies, and more.

The DCUO Mobile App is the second collaboration between AppBurst and Daybreak Game Company following the previously released PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App, which serves as a similar companion app for players of the PlantSide 2 video game.

DC Universe Online

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is based on the popular DC Comics storyline and is available for PC and Playstation. Players create a new character with choosable traits like hero vs. villain and male vs. female to interact with the other popular heroes and villains contained within the game. Characters range from popular icons like Superman and Batman the more obscure better known to diehard comic fans. The game’s storyline involves an engaging and ongoing battle with time travel elements and side missions, as heroes and villains fight to gain the upper hand and often must work in parallel to one another to achieve objectives.

About Daybreak Game Company 

Daybreak Game Company, formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, is a division of Columbus Nova after being sold by Sony and renamed in 2015. Daybreak Games is based in San Diego, California and best known for various massively multiplayer online games titles such as the Everquest and Planetside series. The company has created nearly 40 titles to date and was founded in 1998. 


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  • DC Online Universe character profile
  • DC Online Universe tutorial video library
  • DC Online Universe game news
  • DC Online Universe game wallpapers

  • DC Online Universe game profile character
  • DC Online Universe game tutorial video library
  • DC Online Universe game wallpapers

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