LICONY Mobile App

LICONY Mobile App


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LICONY Mobile App

The official Live Insurance Council of New York (LICONY) mobile app showcases much of the organization’s website content in a mobile-friendly format for authorized users to view news and information on-the-go pertaining to life insurance and the state of New York. From issues and briefs to updates and programs pertaining to legislation, regulation, and litigation in the life insurance industry, the app is organized to give users easy access to a host of updated information similar to the experience on

A listing of events and meetings—along with member information and a LICONY Directory—are also available in the app, as well as general information on the organization such as a mission statement, staff listing, and community resources. The app is branded to match the color scheme and logo on to ensure the app is both recognizable and easily promotable to individuals and companies experienced with LICONY and their work in the state.


The Life Insurance Council of New York (LICONY) "works to create and maintain a legislative, regulatory, and judicial environment that encourages its members to conduct and grow their life insurance businesses here in New York State." The council, headquartered in New York City, was founded in 1977 and is organized as a not-for-profit corporation with over 50 member companies.



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