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Novation Resources Mobile App

The Novation Resources Mobile app provides interactive and online content for the field and sales teams of VHA, UHC, Provista and the Children’s Hospital Association. Highlights of the app include various press releases, presentations, educational documents, and event listings, as well as alerts, search, and help documentation. Users are also able to bookmark favorite app content and view Novation social media sites.

The mobile app features a number of organized and categorized media files such as PDFs and Microsoft Suite documents, which are viewable natively in the app or able to be opened in a 3rd-party app of the user's choosing for editing and other advanced options.

Note that the mobile app was developed by AppBurst with a user authentication feature integrated with Novation's existing system. Information is for specific and confidential use of Novation and alliance partners only, including quarterly and industry spotlights, current contract resources, competitive and industry reports, and social media. Please contact Novation technical support for access to this online resource.

About Novation

Novation is a health care services company founded in 1998. The company aims to help its members by providing "aggresive cost management, deed industry expertise and world class intelligence." Novation is considered to be one of world's most ethical companies (Ethisphere 2014) in helping its members not only reduce costs, but increase quality of health care.

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