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RX-360 Mobile App


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App Description

The Rx-360 mobile app provides users with information related to the quality control and integrity of the healthcare supply chain. Daily news, alerts, and press releases are displayed in the app as they are shared on the organization’s website. PDFs are also readily accessible in the app and give insight into drug supply chains, legal documentation, auditing and more. Other highlights include a full host of videos -- from webinars and news reports to membership information and Rx-360 events.

All content in the Rx-360 mobile app can be bookmarked for later viewing, emailed to others, or shared via Facebook and Twitter. Official organization tweets, regulatory summaries, and an updated FDA drug shortage index are also available and updated on a regular basis. 

About Rx-360

Rx-360 provides patients and members of the pharmaceutical industry with important news on the various drugs in circulation around the world, aiming to “develop and implement enhanced global quality systems and processes to help members ensure product quality and authenticity throughout their supply chains.” 

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