Unidos Cristianos Mobile App

Unidos Cristianos Mobile App


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Unidos Cristianos Mobile App

Users of the Unidos Cristianos Mobile App have access to daily passages from the Bible. Passages are organized chronologically and include titles, publication dates, and full text available for reading on smartphones and tablets at any time. The mobile app also contains a city guide to event destinations hosted by the organization and updated messages and promotions from a variety of related sources.

Other highlights of the Unidos Cristianos Mobile App include social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as archives. 

About Unidos Cristianos 

Unidos Cristianos is a Christian information service for the Spanish speakers. Managed by the Together Group for the Evangelical Church, the service offers free information in three main categories—passages of the church, messages from various sources, and promotions to connect people to opportunities—via the mobile app, official Facebook page, and more. 

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