AppBurst Publishes Pricing Tiers for Mobile App Solutions

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 30, 2015

Appburst has published pricing details for its mobile app solutions and maintenance plans in a move to add transparency and simplify the decision making process for companies in need of mobile app development. The pricing chart overviews three new standardized tiers aimed to accommodate varied budgets and goals. Custom tiers and development are also available to ensure even the most unique needs are met on a case by case basis. 

The Standard, Professional, and Enterprise tiers published by AppBurst includes an associated set-up cost involving everything from kicking off a project to publishing the mobile app for users to download. The subsequent monthly fee accounts for hosting of content, ongoing access to the AppBurst Dashboard, and the maintenance and support required to ensure every app remains up-to-date and bug-free as new operating systems and devices are released. 

The foundation of AppBurst’s new pricing model centers on the idea that core features are available at every price level and ensure every mobile app is of the highest quality. Every app may showcase one of many premium themes with a color scheme and branding unique to the organization. All mobile apps developed by AppBurst are also available across all supported platforms and downloaded by an unlimited number of users. Finally, the AppBurst Dashboard is offered in conjunction with every app to not only upload and edit content, but perform actions such as sending push notifications, accessing analytics, and more. 

The differences associated with AppBurst’s three major app tiers are largely predicated on the number of content items and sections making up a mobile app. A mobile app with 1,000 content items organized into various categories is much more time-intensive to setup and maintain than a mobile app with 75 total content items; pricing reflects this concept. Each tier upgrade allows for additional content, while other features also become available or alternatively can be acquired on an a la carte basis. Features not automatically included at a given price tier typically involve more development time and maintenance or provide significant ROI to the app owner.

AppBurst’s published pricing aims to give any company or organization a blueprint to begin considering mobile app development. Please contact us for more details on the three tiers and custom options.