AppBurst Releases PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App

Posted by Matt Milloway on Apr 16, 2013

AppBurst has released the PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App, which serves as the official companion app for the popular Sony Online Entertainment PC game Planetside 2. Available in six languages for iPhone, iPad, and Android, the mobile app features an extensive game guide, updated leaderboard and map, voice chat, and access to community sites and social media.

The PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App not only gives gamers 24/7 access to everything PlanetSide 2-related, but serves as an integral part of the actual gameplay experience. Users can track territory shifts on dynamic maps while voice chatting with fellow gamers. BattleRanks, Cert points, leaderboard placements, and other relevant stats are also readily available in the app, while the comprehensive game guide details the game's weapons, vehicles, and classes. Other highlights include a full lineup of social media and community access including official videos, twitch streams, Twitter posts, forums, and wallpapers

View the PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink app page and check out the project's announcement on our Apps4Games site. From the mobile app's unveiling at last year's E3 to its release last Friday, a number of notable websites have also provided initial reaction and reviews:

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Continue to visit AppBurst and Apps4Games in the upcoming weeks for additional news and information on the PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App. Apps4Games is a service of AppBurst, a mobile application development and marketing company located in Palm Beach County, Florida.