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  • mobile app versus mobile websites
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Dec 19, 2016

    The Pros and Cons of Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

    More people are choosing mobile devices over desktops to consume digital content. Mobile websites help bridge the gap en route to a native mobile app, but many companies are still without a set plan to provide the best experience possible for smartphone and tablet users.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 14, 2016

    How Mobile Chat for Apps Drives Engagement

    Companies and organizations with a mobile app must provide a personalized and engaging experience to win a coveted spot on the home screens of users and truly build their brand on a mobile platform. Mobile chat helps win the battle by enabling users to instantly connect with your brand and other users on-the-go. 

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  • key mobile app usage metrics
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 10, 2016

    Key Insights from Mobile App Analytics

    Nearly every discussion of mobile content consumption references the benefits of collecting data. Knowing the specific metrics to track, however, and how these numbers might improve long-standing company goals is a less-talked about idea that needs to be visited in order to maximize the benefits of a mobile app. 

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  • mobile app usage trends 2016
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Sep 18, 2016

    New Research from comScore's 2016 Mobile App Report

    comScore’s new 2016 Mobile App Report, which draws on extensive mobile app usage data, indicates smartphones and tablets continue to dominate digital media consumption. Notably, companies without native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android miss countless opportunities to engage their audiences. 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 22, 2016

    Current & Future Trends in Mobile App Marketing

    Smartphones and tablets have surged in popularity to a point where mobile apps are embedded in the daily lives of users. Marketers are quickly coming to grips with this fact and releasing mobile apps to help sell products and services to their audiences. The current landscape and future of mobile app marketing involves a number of key technology innovations and fresh ways to both discover and leverage app content in 2016 and beyond. 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 08, 2016

    How Mobile Apps Strengthen Employee Engagement & Company Culture

    Companies primarily interested in leveraging mobile apps for internal use can greatly benefit from employee engagement and even a boost in company culture. Yet the impact of a mobile app risks falling short of expectations if employees or partners fail to embrace the technology. Learn how a number of best practices helps ensure everyone gravitates towards sustained mobile app engagement and reaps the rewards.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 25, 2016

    Use Mobile Apps to Incentivize Customers with Coupon Codes & Loyalty Rewards

    Companies with a product or service to sell often leverage coupon codes to drive sales and incentivize people to follow social media accounts or subscribe to a newsletter. Offering exclusive coupon codes via mobile apps is another valuable option to consider and ultimately gives companies greater flexibility to engage its audience with relevant messaging. 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 10, 2016

    How Product Support Pages in Mobile Apps Better Engage Customers

    Customer satisfaction is vital to a company’s reputation and success. The ability to provide accessible support for products represents a huge win for companies with products requiring setup, maintenance, or troubleshooting. 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 28, 2016

    Best Practices & Tips for Sending Mobile App Push Messages

    Push notifications are a vital tool for any company needing to interact with its user base. Studies show users who enable push are exponentially more engaged in the mobile app and unsurprisingly more likely to be retained as loyal content consumers.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 13, 2016

    Six Strategies to Retain and Grow a Mobile App's User Base Over Time

    A significant number of mobile apps are removed within days or weeks of installation on a user’s device. Remaining relevant and competing for attention is thus essential to prolong high levels of engagement with users and remain popular for years to come. Learn how six strategies serve to ensure a mobile app is setup for long-term success.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on May 18, 2016

    A Native Mobile App Upgrades These Six Things for Modern Companies

    The majority of mobile apps are available to the general public as a tool for consuming content. Many companies, however, are also taking advantage of the technology to give their internal employees a better way to access documents, network with colleagues, and a host of other benefits.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Apr 29, 2016

    Digital Media & Mobile App Usage: Future in Focus

    comScore’s recent Cross-Platform: Future in Focus study for US-based digital media usage in 2016 reveals new insight into adult’s preferences and tendencies for consuming content. Digital media usage is unsurprisingly on the rise and smartphones are leading the charge:

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Apr 17, 2016

    Four Reasons Every Growing Business Needs a Mobile App

    Mobile apps are becoming more instrumental to business success as adoption of smartphones and tablets reach an all-time high. Business owners are often aware of the many features and benefits mobile apps offer without understanding the inherent reasons behind the technology’s growing popularity. Learn four big-picture reasons why every growing business needs a mobile app to keep pace with competitors and reach bigger goals in the digital age.   

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Mar 31, 2016

    Going Mobile and the Benefits of Reduced Paper Usage

    The advent of mobile technology has reshaped the way companies and organizations share content with their audiences. Going mobile inevitably reduces or even eliminates the need for printing everything from conference agendas for attendees to marketing and sales brochures for prospective clients. 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Mar 21, 2016

    Use the AppBurst Dashboard for All Mobile App Content Integration

    Mobile apps give companies and organizations a unique opportunity to engage user bases around the world. Those responsible for managing content, however, must still contend with getting data into the app and managing subsequent changes. The AppBurst Dashboard greatly simplifies this process by placing full control in the hands of admin users to upload and edit content via an intuitive content management system. 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 15, 2016

    The Increase of Digital Media Usage in Mobile Apps

    Digital media usage continues to rise with every passing year and native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android are paving the way at unprecedented rates. comScore, a trusted internet research company, released their annual digital media usage study using 2015 data.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 28, 2016

    Strategies to Boost Mobile App Engagement & Generate More Downloads

    Attention to detail often makes the difference between a mobile app with average usage metrics and one that becomes a vital part of a user’s daily life. While the best apps offer a combination of interactive features, custom branding, and relevant content, work still needs to be done to ensure maximum adoption and engagement once early users download the app.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 13, 2016

    Tips for Retaining Mobile App Users

    An effective promotion and marketing strategy increases download numbers and puts a mobile application in the hands of more users across the world. What happens next is critical to retaining users and not succumbing to the common problem of individuals viewing an app once or twice before reverting to more familiar experiences like email and Facebook. Consider the following tips for retaining mobile app users to ensure engagement remains consistent each and every day. 

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