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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 28, 2016

    Strategies to Boost Mobile App Engagement & Generate More Downloads

    Attention to detail often makes the difference between a mobile app with average usage metrics and one that becomes a vital part of a user’s daily life. While the best apps offer a combination of interactive features, custom branding, and relevant content, work still needs to be done to ensure maximum adoption and engagement once early users download the app.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 13, 2016

    Tips for Retaining Mobile App Users

    An effective promotion and marketing strategy increases download numbers and puts a mobile application in the hands of more users across the world. What happens next is critical to retaining users and not succumbing to the common problem of individuals viewing an app once or twice before reverting to more familiar experiences like email and Facebook. Consider the following tips for retaining mobile app users to ensure engagement remains consistent each and every day. 

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