Benefits of Custom Color Schemes & Mobile App Branding

Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 07, 2014

A whopping 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. While the specific number might be up for debate, common sense tells much of the best content loses its effectiveness without the right presentation. Mobile apps showcasing any type of content--similar to paper material and websites--need to not only look professional and eye-catching, but cohesively reflect the brand of the company or organization attempting to engage with their audience.

On one end of the spectrum, development companies provide nonexistent or limited options to dictate mobile app color schemes. Others, however, offer an assortment of tools and the flexibility to micromanage virtually every color of the app. The latter option is the best way to present an effective mobile app to an audience--whether it be to present information, sell products and services, or simply raise awareness about a brand.  

The Importance of Brand Recognition

The act of recognizing a brand is often overlooked--a mostly subconscious event occurring as a person sees a logo, color scheme, or other form of branding by a company or organization. While the Nike swoosh and McDonalds arches may not need incredible attention to detail at this point to remain ingrained in people’s minds all over the world, the majority of brands must rely on a consistent color scheme to most effectively present their product or service. Data agrees. According to research conducted by the Seoul International Color Expo, color increases brand recognition by up to 80-percent and is instrumental in engaging and retaining customers.

Mobile app development companies with a graphic design team able to work with clients to turn style sheets or other branding requirements into mobile provide a valuable asset. So too are admin systems with the ability for companies and organizations to tweak color settings themselves and publish changes in real-time. A color scheme that mirrors existing branding--along with the ability to add graphics and logos--creates an impression the mobile app is a product of the company itself, instead of a generic app from the development company. The byproduct is immediate brand recognition and the ability to convert passive users into engaged individuals more willing to try a service or purchase a product.  

Colors Impact Conversion Rates

Visual influence in purchasing decisions and converting individuals into clients or customers is significant. Studies show over 90-percent of people feel the visual aspect of a product or service is the biggest influencer in purchasing decisions. Certain colors may play a role in dictating a person’s feelings; influencing mindsets as the individual is interacting with content. Attention to detail involving subtle factors such as the color of a call-to-action button or the difference in black and white versus ads with color can mean the difference in generating more leads or sales. The importance of colors is a no-brainer in sales and marketing apps, yet attention to colors for the sake of better controlling the user experience maximizes the end-goal of any mobile app.

The Bottom Line

Simply sharing content with people on a mobile app doesn’t guarantee the best results in engaging users or converting potential customers. Working with a mobile app development company to create an instantly recognizable color scheme, however, greatly helps in achieving goals associated with providing mobile content to users in the first place. In sum, a mobile app needs to be an extension of a company or organization’s message and existing branding.

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