Big-Picture Benefits of Sales & Marketing Mobile Apps

Posted by Matt Milloway on Dec 29, 2015

Mobile technology is a necessary tool for sales and marketing efforts in the 21st-century; the ability to share content with users around the world on a greater scale simply cannot be overlooked by companies with goals to promote a product or service. The big-picture benefits of developing a sales and marketing mobile app include uninterrupted access to important marketing material, highly targeted and interactive features used to engage potential customers or clients, and reduced paper usage to help the environment.  

Material On-the-Go

Consider the following scenario: A sales rep sits at an airport awaiting a flight. He or she strikes up a conversation with someone who turns out to be a great potential client, yet marketing materials are unavailable--either in checked luggage, or worse, left at home. A business card and promises to contact the person later in the week are always an option, but lack the type of engagement needed to leave a lasting impression when it matters mos. An alternative to traditional paper material is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets with readily accessible PDF brochures and presentations.

Native apps with content caching for offline content enable individuals to share sales and marketing material anywhere—even on a flight with no wifi or cellular reception. Material can be delivered to a prospect’s inbox and potential clients are even able to download the app themselves. The customer's version of a mobile app might be a stripped down version with internal documents protected via user authentication. Quickly accessing and sharing PDFs, Microsoft Suite documents, videos, and more in a mobile app gives companies a marked advantage in dealing with existing and potential clients.

Interactive Features

In addition to sharing digital information once limited to print material, mobile apps give companies the added benefit of providing interactive features to further engage its audience. Providing helpful, interactive tools related to the industry (i.e. an exercise log for dieting products) makes the app a must-have addition for users who will more likely become customers or spread the word to family and friends. Marketing material coupled with interactive tools useful to anyone in the industry reflects a significant shift in sales and marketing strategies simply unavailable in year's past. 

Reduced Paper Usage

An altruistic benefit to utilizing mobile apps for sales and marketing over paper material exists in the form of reduced paper usage. Reducing print material in favor of mobile technology is a win-win for any company and end users alike with an added benefit of reduced costs. Print material inflated budgets and is nearly impossible to change at the last minute, resulting in new print runs to account for updates to products or services, as well as new marketing campaigns and any changes to company branding. Mobile apps, however, are easily updatable in real-time via a content management system—resulting in quick, cost effective changes sent to a user’s device without delay. Going green is not only the right thing to do, but can paint any company as a progressive organization on the forefront of modern trends.

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