Examples of AppBurst Sales & Marketing Mobile Apps

Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 20, 2014

AppBurst has a proven track record in providing companies with engaging mobile apps to help drive sales and marketing efforts. With a majority of individuals now using mobile apps for digital engagement over traditional websites, making native  mobile apps available to potential and existing customers is more important than ever before. Check out the specific examples below with details about the apps and insight into how mobile technology is helping each client achieve its goals.


Exelis, Inc. provides technology solutions to a wide range of military, government, and private companies around the world. To showcase their extensive and highly technical product line to potential customers, Exelis wanted a branded mobile app primarily for their sales team to use on iPads at trade shows. Presentations—only available to internal employees via a username and password login—combined with publicly accessible promotional videos, brochures, and social media to not only give the sales staff an interactive tool at industry events, but a scaled back version full of useful information for potential and existing clients to download and share with co-workers or colleagues.

Shareable via email or social media and in large part available offline, the lineup of Exelis products are able to be showcased to an increasingly global user base without the need to print and mail brochures—often outdated in mere months. From simple branding edits to full-scale reorganization of product lines, changes are accomplished in the AppBurst Dashboard by the client in real-time. Combining a highly portable, digital sales and marketing tool with a company’s portable team of sales reps all over the world ultimately offered benefits far surpassing more traditional means of sharing content with potential customers.


Akrimax Pharmaceuticals markets two drugs via different AppBurst-developed mobile apps. The Suprenza App is entirely branded for a weight-loss drug of the same name and contains various resources for prospective and current patients, including prescription information, facts about the drug, and a patient starter book. To make the app more beneficial to patients and even those simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, AppBurst and Akrimax worked together to develop a nutrition and exercise journal—enabling users to log daily calories burned and consumed to track progress over time in a chart. Additional fields for dosages of Suprenza and other drug-specific tracking—along with a pill reminder—are also available to patients, while meal plans and BMI resources provided helpful resources for all users. The combination of patient-specific features with resources designed for a broader audience enables Akrimax to educate users on their product, but also to market the app as a tool for everyone—effectively increasing awareness of their brand in the process.

Reflecting a different sales and marketing approach, MyThyroid Mobile App is strictly framed as a resource on hypothyroidism without Akrimax branding. In providing a significant number of resources for users such as links and clinical studies, the app is relevant for not only people with the condition, but anyone interested in hypothyroidism. Interactive features include appointment and pill reminders, as well as an interactive TSH level tracker. Mobile apps without blatant branding are able to provide unbiased resources to a given industry and offer unparalleled value to users. Simply including an “About Us” section about the company providing the app then plays an indirect—yet effective—role in raising awareness about a brand to generate new leads and ultimately customers.

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