How Product Support Pages in Mobile Apps Better Engage Customers

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 10, 2016

Customer satisfaction is vital to a company’s reputation and success. The ability to provide accessible support for products represents a huge win for companies with products requiring setup, maintenance, or troubleshooting. 

Learn how support pages integrated into a company’s mobile app not only gives customers ongoing access to product documentation on their smartphones and tablets, but also serves to drive engagement numbers and potentially generate even more revenue in the process.  

Mobile App Support Page Feature

A product support page leverages the ability to integrate web browser views inside of a mobile app. Additional effort to create mobile-ready support pages isn’t necessary if the content already exists online; companies can simply embed web pages in their mobile app as a stand-alone support area or to supplement product pages. 

Product support pages enable customers to receive 24/7 assistance in cases where help may be otherwise unavailable. While the same information might be viewable on a company website, the ability to access support from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet often enables customers to better consume information next to their product in a living room, workshop, vehicle, or other places away from their desktop computers. 

product manuals mobile app support feature

mobile app customer support for products

Better Engagement via Mobile Support

Mobile app product support pages provide bigger benefits to companies than simply offering another avenue of support for customers and clients. Highly useful documentation serves to turn the mobile app into a must-have download for product owners and is instantly a recommendable resource to family, friends, and colleagues. 

Social media integration, interactive surveys, and other engaging mobile app features give users the chance to share app content and send valuable feedback to companies. Questionnaires related to product reliability and customer satisfaction can be used in conjunction with support pages to improve a brand and give customers a much needed voice.

A Case Study 

Mike Haldas, a co-founder of AppBurst, also co-founded CCTV Camera Pros and recently launched a new support section in the official CCTV Camera Pros Mobile App. Support content is easily accessible from the home screen and divided into various support and how-to guide categories. 

Future or existing customers may view PDF manuals, setup instructions found on CCTV Camera Pro’s website, and various other highly detailed documentation aimed to give users a one-stop resource for everything needed to install and maintain their recently purchased products.

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mobile app troubleshooting maintenance feature

Understand Customer Activity

Businesses who provide the same support pages on their websites and mobile apps can differentiate visitors to better understand customer activity and preferences. Track unique users who visit support pages via mobile or send automated emails to customers who purchase a product letting them know support is also available via mobile. 

The Bottom Line 

Providing product support to customers via mobile enables companies to serve their audience around the clock. The feature also helps drive overall mobile app engagement and eases the ability to gather information from users—ultimately selling more products. 

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