Use the AppBurst Dashboard for All Mobile App Content Integration

Posted by Matt Milloway on Mar 21, 2016

Mobile apps give companies and organizations a unique opportunity to engage user bases around the world. Those responsible for managing content, however, must still contend with getting data into the app and managing subsequent changes. The AppBurst Dashboard greatly simplifies this process by placing full control in the hands of admin users to upload and edit content via an intuitive content management system. 

Content Examples

The following examples are not an inclusive list of content types available in a mobile app, but rather highlights the ease in which content is uploaded and edited in the AppBurst Dashboard. 

PDF Documents 

PDF document integration represents an extremely popular method to share everything from marketing brochures to educational material. The process to upload PDFs is simple: select a PDF file and upload the document in a similar fashion to adding a file attachment in emails. Additional information may be added such as title and category, while each file may be downloaded with the initial app install or available on demand. 

Text Pages

Simple text pages are useful for presenting information to users when a PDF doesn't make sense. While PDFs offer a number of advantages such as easy sharing and a consistent views across all platforms, the files can are not easily editable without changing the document and reuploading to the AppBurst Dashboard. Showcasing content as native text in the app, however, may be edited in minutes and offers additional options such as font size enlargement--along with the ability to style and edit content directly in the admin system similar to Microsoft Word or other text editors.

News Items

Create a blog or news feed and include information such as a title, category, thumbnail image, published date, and links to keep everyone updated on industry news, company happenings, or any other content relevant to users. The news items are added and maintained directly in the AppBurst Dashboard to create an easily editable source of news sorted by title or date.  Consider small news updates or lengthier content like press releases and articles to provide a must-have resource of information. 

A Selection of Other Features

In addition to managing 100% of mobile app content in the AppBurst Dashboard, admin users are also able to take advantage of other tools to greatly enhance both the user experience: 

Full Branding Control 

The AppBurst Dashboard provides more than content integration. Companies and organizations managing a mobile app in the content management system are able to manage branding (i.e. splash pages, title bar, etc.) and color schemes directly in the admin system and publish changes in real time. 

App Analytics

A streamlined version of app analytics is available directly in the AppBurst Dashboard for admin users to quickly access metrics like app downloads. A more robust set of analytics is available via trusted 3rd-party provider Flurry. 

Push Alerts

Push alerts may be sent or scheduled in the CMS and can include a deep link directing users to a specific content item. Push alerts offer great value to app users when utilized correctly to provide real time, insighful content when it matters most.  

User Authentication 

Segment content and assign users roles to restrict access of confidential data or create exclusivity to incentivize more users to download the app or pay for additional perks. User authentication requires a registration process that enables admin users to track and manage individuals for everything from email marketing to demographic studies. 

Multi Language Content

Users likely hail from all over the world and mobile app content can reflect this diversity. Ensure more users are comfortable experiencing mobile app content with multi language support and manage duplicate--or different--sets of content in the same AppBurst Dashboard area to streamline the process. Menu options and other native functions are typically managed by AppBurst, while content itself if managed by the admin users. 

The Bottom Line

Managing the ins and outs of mobile app content in a single user-friendly admin system from the comforts of home or the office speaks volumes to the feasibility of creating an engaging mobile solution and managing its features without the need to devote unavailable resources or spend countless hours learning how to manage multiple interfaces. While other options exist to integrate content via 3rd-party data management systems, the AppBurst Dashboard is meant to give any company or organization 100% control of mobile app content when it makes sense.

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