Use Mobile Apps to Incentivize Customers with Coupon Codes & Loyalty Rewards

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 25, 2016

Companies with a product or service to sell often leverage coupon codes to drive sales and incentivize people to follow social media accounts or subscribe to a newsletter. Offering exclusive coupon codes via mobile apps is another valuable option to consider and ultimately gives companies greater flexibility to engage its audience with relevant messaging. 

Learn how including coupon codes and deals in a mobile app greatly helps businesses sell more products or services, attract new users, and better understand its audience. 

Coupon Code & Deals Feature

Integrating coupon or promo codes and deals in a mobile app is a straightforward process for both company and customers. The former needs only to generate the codes via their e-commerce platform and include the code—along with additional marketing verbiage, call to actions, or media—in a section of their mobile app. The code may then be used by users who access the mobile app and enter the characters into their shopping cart upon checkout on the company’s website. 

A Case Study

Co-founder of AppBurst, Mike Haldas, also co-founded CCTV Camera Pros and recently launched a new coupon code and deals section in his CCTV Camera Pros Mobile App. The feature is simple yet effective; a coupon code is shared with users followed by a call to action to visit the store. Additional coupon codes may be added or rotated to serve different purposes and provide discounts on specific or site-wide products. 

Coupon codes available in the mobile app are exclusive to the mobile experience and incentivize users to not only download and use the app, but share app benefits with friends and colleagues. Coupon codes and deals also give CCTV Camera Pros an additional subject for their successful push alert marketing strategies. 

mobile app coupon code loyalty reward customers

Other Benefits & Options

A handful of additional useful features may be implemented to better engage customers and use the promo codes as effectively as possible. Consider prompting users to login to the mobile app for better discounts or promotions. The unique device ID generated for each mobile app user, correlated with a company’s e-commerce database, enables companies to target recent purchases and send push alerts to a customer when an order ships. 

Recent purchase history, or lack thereof, may also be used to send specific coupon codes and messaging to customers. The ability to personalize the experience for each user and provide the best benefit possible only serves to increase sales and retention. 

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