Developing a Mobile App for News Articles and Blog Post Content

Posted by Matt Milloway on Dec 08, 2015

News articles and blog posts are integral to most people’s jobs and personal lives. From catching up on sports and entertainment to reading about industry updates and company news, access to updated resources is increasingly expected on mobile devices. Providing users with pertinent content in a mobile app enables companies and organizations to capture the attention of their audience to more easily achieve its other goals.  

News Article & Blog Post Benefits

Sharing news and blog content offers a number of benefits to both end users and the company or organization managing the mobile app. The most obvious perk is increased exposure to whatever industry or company information is being shared in the app, as an increasing number of individuals--especially decision makers and anyone in the business world--interacts with and uses his or her mobile app more than a traditional desktop for web browsing.

By exposing industry leaders, potential clients, or fans to news and blog posts, the app becomes a go-to resource that can also be used to promote one’s own products and services, generate contact information for mailing lists, and any other goal made easier by engaging with more people in a connected world. Sponsor ad features in a mobile app can also create a profit generator, continually growing in ROI as more users are engaging with the content.

End users receive access to one convenient mobile app for updated information in a given industry or topics of personal interest. From business professionals educating themselves on industry news to press members finding quotes for stories or simply fans of a local sports team, the instances where news articles and blog posts may be shared via mobile to highly interested audiences is limitless.  The uses and benefits of providing a news app also extends to social media shares and the ability to email friends and colleagues one's favorite posts; the mobile app becomes a communicator of material and only adds to the ability to share other beneficial content when it makes sense. 

Customizations for News & Blog Post Mobile App Integration 

Showcasing news and blog content in a mobile app also offers a number of customizable options and additional features furthering its value to users. Content may be categorized by topic, author, or any other criteria to provide more article sections; the integration process creates an intuitive workflow for the user working from the home screen to information they need most. The categories may be displayed in the app in a simple list view or a more interactive dashboard look with the ability to scroll through several content sections in a single view. Other options include the ability to add thumbnail images, published date, and tags to better present and organize content. 

Interacting with article content is best when the experience is engaging and interactive for users. News and blog posts may be shared via email or social media such as Twitter and Facebook with friends, colleagues, and coworkers or bookmarked to a “My Favorites” section in the app for easy access at a later date; news content offers much of the same flexibility afforded a traditional web browser experience, only on-the-go to users all over the world. Content already downloaded to the device is also available offline on flights and in areas with spotty connectivity to give users more chances to engage with articles and blog posts. 

Integration Options

Integrating news articles and blog posts into a mobile app is typically  predicated by where the content currently exists. Posts may be manually entered into a content management system to be categorized and published in real time. Other options include using easily creatable RSS Feeds to automate the process or integrate other data sources such as JSON, which offer even more flexibility to include additional fields in the app. Often a hybrid approach is used; based on current availability consider a scenario such as 3rd-party blog posts coming from RSS Feeds and internal news being entered into a CMS for great flexibility over styling and editing of content.

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