Using a Mobile App to Promote Products and Services

Posted by Mark Born on Jul 19, 2013

A great deal of time and money is spent trying to promote and educate potential customers on complex and sometimes confusing product offerings. AppBurst can create mobile iPad, iPhone and Android apps to provide potential customers an interactive and educational experience far superior to websites, catalogs and press releases.

The personalized experience helps to create brand and product loyalty from the onset. Check out the screenshots below to see existing examples in AppBurst-developed mobile apps:

AppBurst clients can mobilize existing content to create a dynamic experience for existing and potential customers. For example, a no cost tools section pertaining to specific products and services will attract large numbers of users and can even offer opportunities for premium services and upgrades inside of the app. 

Including supplements to existing products or services can also turn the mobile app into a useful companion to the original offering. The AppBurst-developed Suprenza Mobile App includes a nutrition and exercise journal to work in conjunction with taking the weight loss prescription and pursuing healthy living. Cross promotion of the app and product will tie everything together and give customers additional opportunities to engage in the brand.   

Utilizing technology can make an immediate impact on sales and marketing efforts. The CCTV Camera Pros Mobile App highlights many best practices of a well designed business app, including YouTube video integration showcasing countless products.

Adding calendar integration to include reminders tied into a product or its release represents another tool to engage users. An unlimited number of ways exist to approach a business app, from incorporating social media and banner advertising to additional interactive features and much more. The benefit of working with AppBurst is the flexibility our clients receive to create a vision reflecting their vision and specific business model -- regardless of industry, business or sector. 

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