How Mobile Apps Strengthen Employee Engagement & Company Culture

Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 08, 2016

Companies primarily interested in leveraging mobile apps for internal use can greatly benefit from employee engagement and even a boost in company culture. Yet the impact of a mobile app risks falling short of expectations if employees or partners fail to embrace the technology. Learn how a number of best practices helps ensure everyone gravitates towards sustained mobile app engagement and reaps the rewards.

Identify Key Participants

Companies often fall into the trap of releasing a mobile app and promoting its features to every employee in equal measure. The benefits of a mobile app, however, are almost always directed at a specific department within the organization or other subsets of employees. 

Does the mobile app primarily contain brochures and presentations perfect for the sales team? How about internal contact information perfect for human resources or staffing departments? Identify who benefits most and pilot the app for that specific group to iron out quirks with functionality and content. A targeted approach saves both time and money for everyone involved and ensures those who are most likely to benefit from the mobile app see its value early and often.

Create a Mobile App Vital to Workflows

Another common oversight amongst companies publishing a mobile app for employees is to not make the technology an instrumental part of the day-to-day workflow. People are used to doing things a certain way and only buy into a new process if it’s the only way to get get a job done or access certain data. Consider what type of content is best suited for mobile (e.g. PDFs or contact directories) and remove other options to submit or consume the information. 

Ensure Employees Provide Good Data

Mobile apps are a two-way street and employees also need to be strongly encouraged to share quality data with employers. Integrate surveys and other feedback tools in the mobile app and give employees the confidence their data will be treated with respect and used to improve the company culture.

From anonymous feedback about team members or managers to suggestions on how to improve office life or company initiatives, interactive mobile app surveys or live polling during meetings can give employees a much needed voice. 

Leverage Data

Data might come in the form of aforementioned feedback or usage metrics on popular app content. Companies must devise a plan to share what they’ve learned with employees and be willing to make improvements where necessary. Are product brochures being consumed and shared more than any other piece of content in the mobile app?

Let employees know about the popularity of the content to spur others into action and make additional content available. Also consider upgrading the feature with better organization, more options, or a combination of both. Continuing to engage with employees and share what's popular (or not) amongst the group keeps everyone engaged in the process and eager to consume more content. 

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