Mobile Apps for Healthcare Organizations: Improve Communication with Customized News & Content

Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 27, 2013

Healthcare organizations consist of large physician communities eager to access news and other industry-specific content. AppBurst can create mobile iPad apps, mobile iPhone apps, and mobile Android apps for your healthcare organization to provide users with an experience far superior to traditional websites by offering customizable content on the go. 

From medical device and drug manufacturers to medical professionals and even patients, an opportunity to reach significant numbers of users exists by partnering with AppBurst. Check out the screenshots below and download the SJH Pulse Mobile App to learn how AppBurst can help your healthcare organization become a go-to resource for highly relevant news and information: 

Users can configure the app to display feeds catered to his or her interests. Toggle feeds on and off to display customized, continually updated news and information regarding your organization and industry news.        

The engaging homepage enables users to view multiple articles at once and scroll through individual feeds to quickly access content. The color schemes and top title bar are brandable to your organization, while individual feeds can be setup to display thumbnail pictures alongside the title and date of publication. 

As users move to other areas of the app, content can be categorized by specialty or other criteria, enabling users to navigate high volumes of content. The right-hand area of the iPad app offers organizations additional branding opportunities before a specific content item is selected, at which point the content takes over the area as seen below. 

Articles are displayed in a user-friendly, highly readable format with the option to bookmark favorites or share via email, Twitter and Facebook. Switching between one article to the next is made seamless in the app, as users can scroll through additional articles on the left-hand side while keeping the current article displayed.

In addition to article feeds, your organization can share initiatives and alerts with the physician community and other interested parties. Easily update and manage content in the AppBurst Dashboard to keep users informed of events, new policies, or even logistics such as construction around the building or parking changes. 

Users may also share content with colleagues via email, Twitter, and Facebook. The ability to communicate with others in the app is an invaluable resource for your entire community, as users will be able to access and share information from their tablets and smartphones.

AppBurst is a mobile application development company located in Palm Beach County, Florida. For more information on our mobile app solutions for healthcare organizations: