Use Mobile Apps as a Sales & Marketing Tool

Posted by Mike Haldas on Nov 27, 2012

Does your company have a product or service to promote to an audience? Arm your sales and marketing team with an AppBurst-developed mobile app to provide easy, on-the-go access to your entire library of brochures, powerpoint presentations, videos, news updates, social media, and more.

From utilizing a fully branded iPad app to promote your product at a trade show, to sharing a brochure on an iPhone during an unexpected encounter with a potential client, the ability to engage potential customers anywhere, and at any time, is a significant benefit of a mobile app.

Available in the AppStore and Google Play to promote your brand to potential and existing customers, specific areas of the app can be password protected to ensure certain material is only accessible by employees to use in sales presentations. Check out images of our Exelis, Inc. Mobile App below to better understand how a mobile app developed by AppBurst can greatly enhance your brand and place relevant material in front of an engaged user base:  

News & Social Media in a Branded Mobile App

A fully brandable mobile app gives your company a chance to increase their footprint and provide easy access to a host of social media networks, generating additional buzz and adding new followers to important sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Easy integration with RSS Feeds, from company updates to relevant industry news, also gives users a reason to revisit content on a regular basis and use the app as a go-to resource. 

PDF Integration: Brochures & Marketing Material 

Display and organize countless PDF documents in a mobile app and give users instant access to your brochures, company reports, press releases, powerpoint presentations, and more. All PDFs can be downloaded to a user's device and emailed to others, while documents can be viewed in full screen or tile view for easy access to specific pages.  

Display Videos in a Mobile App

YouTube integration enables companies to display promotional material, product overviews, company news, and other multimedia in a mobile app. Videos can be viewed in full screen mode and shared via Facebook, Twitter and email, enabling users to share engaging content with friends and colleagues. 

LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn is the gold standard for social networking in the professional world. With integration directly in a mobile app, both existing and potential customers can connect with key employees, read testimonials, and build important trust that can later lead to increased sales and new connections.  

View Upcoming Events

Promote upcoming events, generate a greater audience, and show users your company is an industry leader with a presence at conferences, trade shows, and meetings around the world. Other useful content includes an "About Us" section, image galleries, and registration pages for newsletters and email alerts. 

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