How Mobile Chat for Apps Drives Engagement

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 14, 2016

Companies and organizations with a mobile app must provide a personalized and engaging experience to win a coveted spot on the home screens of users and truly build their brand on a mobile platform. Mobile chat helps win the battle by enabling users to instantly connect with your brand and other users on-the-go. 

Continue reading to learn more about mobile chat and how the feature can play a big role in improving any company or organization’s big-picture goals and boost the value of a mobile app to its users. 

Mobile Chat’s One-of-a-Kind Feature

Social media, while great for communicating with others in a public space, lacks personalization or any semblance of privacy. Emails may be personalized, but saturated inboxes are overwhelming and lead to people purging all but the most important messages. Both options fail to provide a trusted method of communication that’s both personal and hard-to-miss. 

Mobile chat provides a win-win alternative with an interactive feature seamlessly integrated with an app’s core features; users may browse game guides or product materials one minute and instantly connect with fellow gamers or a sales associate the next. The feature also alleviates the complexities of hunting down contact information for an important lead, colleague across the country, or stranger who may offer insight into industry news.

How Mobile Chat for iPhone, iPad, and Android Works

Mobile chat for iPhone, iPad, and Android works much like traditional text messaging. But imagine chats are contained within the mobile app experience—incentivizing users to engage in the application for all of their needs without leaving to send an email or text.  Users simply register a profile and login for access to other users in the chat area. Find a colleague, tap their name, and initiate a chat; all messages are also stored in the mobile app for easy reference at a later date. 

Leverage Mobile Chat for Support 

Options for mobile chat aren’t limited to user-to-user communication or even chatting with prospects about your products and services. Create an official support profile for your company or organization, whether it’s to simply answer questions about your organization or troubleshoot a product, and advertise the channel as a way for audiences to instantly communicate with for questions, clarifications, and more. Give users the peace of mind are a knowledgeable resource is only a few taps of their mobile app away instead of relying solely on a phone and email support. 

Other Benefits of Mobile Chat

Mobile chat’s real-time functionality often helps drive campaigns for things like scheduled contests and distributing coupon codes—in effect, options to gamify a mobile app or provide exclusive perks to users. The feature may also be used as an alternative to push messaging for marketing messages and updates. More tools in the arsenal for companies and organizations means added creativity and better options to interact with users. 

The Bottom Line

Mobile chat enhances levels of engagement for users. Its level of interactivity rivals and feature available to mobile apps and equips companies and organizations with a new tool usable in an unlimited number of scenarios. 

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