Tips for Retaining Mobile App Users

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 13, 2016

An effective promotion and marketing strategy increases download numbers and puts a mobile application in the hands of more users across the world. What happens next is critical to retaining users and not succumbing to the common problem of individuals viewing an app once or twice before reverting to more familiar experiences like email and Facebook. Consider the following tips for retaining mobile app users to ensure engagement remains consistent each and every day. 

Prioritize the First Month

A relationship must be established early with new app users. Encourage engagement from the onset and ensure the mobile app is user-friendly; otherwise people downloading the app may not receive the right information or worse yet be turned off by the entire experience. Provide something of value in the early stages—such as a coupon code, PDF abstract typically reserved for members only, or another option based on the industry—to make it nearly impossible for users to justify deleting the app. 

Leverage Push Alerts w/ Deep Linking

App users want value and sending generic push notifications seldom do the trick. Instead, consider linking specific content to the push alert directing users to valuable information in the app. Keep notifications short and to the point; save wordier messages for the in-app experience once users have been directed to the content.

Much like Facebook alerts and new emails, users who become accustomed to exciting or valuable alerts on their phone from specific apps are much more prone to engage with content and keep the app in an easily accessible spot. Conduct research in advance to determine what content is most important to future attendees and develop a relevant stategy. 

Personalize the Experience

Make indviduals feel unique with features like user authentication to create profiles and unlock content only available to those with certain roles or perks. A personalized mobile app resonates better with users and also gives companies an easier way to track individual's activities for marketing campaigns and demographic research. Incentivize users to register or create profiles to engage users and create a unique experience in the process. 

Create Useful Tools 

Static content in a mobile app such as PDF documents and images is extremely useful and engaging, yet the ability to provide industry-specific tools (e.g. health calculator) gives users a value-added feature thay may become a part of his or her daily routine. Consider what type of tool, calculator, or other interactive feature is most helpful for the specific user base and work with a mobile app developer to create something users may not be able to get elsewhere on their mobile device. The more a tool can be utilied by a user, the greater retention numbers and more chances to share other types of content. 

Don't Assume Others See the Same Value

Never assume users automatically see value in a mobile app. Develop walkthroughs and tutorials to point users in the right direction during the iniitial app launch and highlight key features as early as possible. Tout the best features in e-blasts and social media to drive home the most valuable features to ensure users know the true value of downloading—and more importantly, keeping—the mobile app. 

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