Using App Analytics to Track Mobile Application Usage Trends

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 07, 2012

Mobile apps represent a dynamic, engaging way to share a variety of content to users around the world, yet calculating an app’s overall impact and reach is difficult without the help of quality mobile app analytics.

At AppBurst, we know the importance of iPhone app analytics, iPad app analytics, and Android app analytics -- providing our clients with a detailed report on user activity in the app. Check out some of the most relevant statistics below to better understand how an engaging mobile app, partnered with detailed app analytics, can greatly benefit your company or organization. 

Number of Mobile App Users

An effective metric to measure your mobile app’s reach is total number of users. Our analytics identify users by unique phone IDs to ensure a counted user is indeed unique and not a reinstallation of the app. Charting users on a monthly basis will also show if new content areas or new marketing strategies are resonating with existing and new users alike -- providing insight into the app’s lasting impact.

User Retention in Mobile Apps

A related metric tracks how many users are being retained, i.e. those who consistently revisit the app, as users who keep returning to the app are (of course) more desirable than users who download the app and quickly turn it into an afterthought. Our analytics define a retained user as one who has used the application within the last seven days. Advanced metrics illustrate daily ratios such as retained users versus new users and can be useful in illustrating app activity during any given time period.  

Mobile Apps: Levels of Engagement

There will be two types of users regarding your mobile app. Some users will briefly navigate through content after downloading, only to shelf the app as an afterthought next to other unused apps,. Others will remain engaged in the experience -- sharing content via social media, bookmarking favorite items, and generally using your app as a go-to resource. Decreasing the former and increasing the latter are instrumental in increasing your footprint amongst smartphone and tablet users through the quality branding and content you have created.

The analytics available to our clients provides data on the average page views per session, broken down by month.  The more page views in the app, the greater the level of activity and engagement. Other useful figures include the median session length and total time spent in the app. Knowing how long users interact with the app can help determine whether or not the content and features are maximizing the app’s potential.

Popular Mobile App Content Areas

Not every area of the app is created equal. Having access to a visual breakdown of every content area in the app will help to better assess where users are drawn to most often. The analytics provide basic breakdowns by views in each tabs in the app, as well as more detailed information by charting the multiple layers of content. Detailed reports illustrate the activity in specific detail areas of the app and will provide valuable feedback to determine what areas need to be better promoted or simply moved to another area in the app to most effectively present your most relevant content to users. 

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