Four Reasons Every Growing Business Needs a Mobile App

Posted by Matt Milloway on Apr 17, 2016

Mobile apps are becoming more instrumental to business success as adoption of smartphones and tablets reach an all-time high. Business owners are often aware of the many features and benefits mobile apps offer without understanding the inherent reasons behind the technology’s growing popularity. Learn four big-picture reasons why every growing business needs a mobile app to keep pace with competitors and reach bigger goals in the digital age.   

The Evolution of Content Consumption

Brands continue to market their products and services via traditional means such as print, radio, and television, as well as newer options like official websites and online advertising. Yet traditional options lack content flexibility and interactive features. Content available on computers offers more benefits and a global reach, yet still fails to engage audiences at vital points throughout the day. 

Enter the age of mobile applications. Most people are willing sacrifice virtually every material possession before giving up their smartphone and over half of the population checks their phone several times per waking hour.

Mobile apps enable companies to dictate the timing and message of marketing with a much better chance their target audience consumes content. From sending a push alert about a time-sensitive sale to uploading a new splash screen video promoting an upcoming product launch, content is more easily consumed by users 24/7. 

Remote Working On the Rise 

More people work away from the office and enjoy increased flexibility in the form of flex days or working in the field. Laptops might follow employees or the self-employed from place to place, but smartphones are the go-to resource for checking email, posting on social media, and consuming content throughout the day.

Businesses must take advantage of mobile apps to communicate with internal employees, provide resources for potential clients, or promote products and services with convenience and accessibility simply unavailable on websites or traditional means of content sharing.  

Push Notifications and Email Marketing

Email marketing remains an integral part of many businesses, but spam blockers and new wrinkles such as Google’s promotions tab in Gmail means reaching audiences through email are increasingly difficult. While the benefits of email marketing are still significant, businesses need to recognize its pitfalls and use push alerts to supplement outreach efforts.

Push alerts do not have a spam filter and deep links enable businesses to target a specific video, product brochure, news post, or other mobile app content item to provide added value and reach potential customers at all times of the day. 

Transform Education for Employees

Not every big-picture benefit of going mobile helps only clients and customers. Businesses spend significant time and resources educating employees and partner organizations on their products and services. Hours are wasted gathering people together in one place or sitting through webinars.

Consider an enterprise mobile app to promote company culture and present digestible information employees can access around the clock. Surveys, live polling, and user logins enable companies to hold employees accountable and ensure everyone learns information as needed. 

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