Mobile App Marketing Push Messages
Posted by on Jul 23, 2014

Mobile App Marketing via Push Notification Messages

This is how I use push notification messages plus content marketing in my iOS and Android mobile apps. My name is Mike Haldas and I am the co-founder of AppBurst. I have used the AppBurst mobile app platform to create several apps for a video surveillance company that I also co-founded, CCTV Camera Pros. I use these apps to extend the company's content marketing strategy to mobile. Building a mobile app user base and push subscriber list is a lot like building an email marketing list.

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AppBurst Dashboard and app
Posted by Matt Milloway on Apr 02, 2014

Is Your Content Ready For Mobile?

One of the most important factors to consider before developing a mobile app is content. More specifically, where does data currently reside and what is the easiest, most effective route to get the content into a mobile app? While many core app features are built and managed directly by a development team, data unique to each organization -- whether it be event information, sales and marketing material or media -- must be shared and maintained in a format ready for mobile.

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Mobile App to Promote Products and Services
Posted by Mark Born on Jul 19, 2013

Using a Mobile App to Promote Products and Services

A great deal of time and money is spent trying to promote and educate potential customers on complex and sometimes confusing product offerings. AppBurst can create mobile iPad, iPhone and Android apps to provide potential customers an interactive and educational experience far superior to websites, catalogs and press releases.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Apr 16, 2013

AppBurst Releases PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App

AppBurst has released the PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App, which serves as the official companion app for the popular Sony Online Entertainment PC game Planetside 2. Available in six languages for iPhone, iPad, and Android, the mobile app features an extensive game guide, updated leaderboard and map, voice chat, and access to community sites and social media.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 27, 2013

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Organizations: Improve Communication with Customized News & Content

Healthcare organizations consist of large physician communities eager to access news and other industry-specific content. AppBurst can create mobile iPad apps, mobile iPhone apps, and mobile Android apps for your healthcare organization to provide users with an experience far superior to traditional websites by offering customizable content on the go. 

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 29, 2013

CCTV Camera Pros Mobile App Updated with Installer Tools

AppBurst has released an update to the CCTV Camera Pros Mobile App, which enables users to research and shop for video surveillance systems, security cameras, and CCTV equipment.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 28, 2013

Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials App Featured in The Wall Street Journal

In anticipation of Super Bowl XLVII, the AppBurst-developed Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials App has been featured in The Wall Street Journal article "Are You Ready For Some Ads?".  The international daily newspaper highlights the iPhone and iPad mobile app, urging readers "to get in the pregame spirit, [and] fire up the Super Ads app to relive ad highlights from seasons past."

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 22, 2013

Benefits of Content Caching: Access Your Mobile App Without an Internet Connection

Between wifi hotspots and cellular coverage, mobile iPhone app, iPad app, and Android app users typically enjoy widespread access to internet connectivity. Yet many scenarios still exist where connections are either impossible, too expensive, or simply not reliable enough to access online content.

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Posted by Mike Haldas on Nov 27, 2012

Use Mobile Apps as a Sales & Marketing Tool

Does your company have a product or service to promote to an audience? Arm your sales and marketing team with an AppBurst-developed mobile app to provide easy, on-the-go access to your entire library of brochures, powerpoint presentations, videos, news updates, social media, and more.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 15, 2012

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

Mobile apps and mobile websites represent two extremely popular methods of displaying content to users on smartphone and tablets. As a complete solutions provider, AppBurst offers both mobile apps and mobile websites to our clients, ensuring each and every user can easily access important content. Yet our focus remains on building high-quality, native iPhone mobile apps, iPad mobile apps, and Android mobile apps.

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