AppBurst Transitions its Content Delivery Service to Amazon CloudFront

Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 27, 2014

AppBurst has transitioned to Amazon’s Cloudfront for its content delivery network. The CDN from Amazon Web Services, or AWS, gives our clients the ability to meet user demands across the world by taking advantage of multiple servers residing in strategic locales. CDNs today manage a large portion of online content and are considered to be the most reliable method of quickly delivering mobile application data to users—regardless of device or operating system.

How Amazon CloudFront Works

AppBurst utilizes Amazon CloudFront via a three step process:

1) Content for a mobile app is received from the client and stored on an origin server. In other words, the server at the top of the hierarchy and where all data is originally stored.

2) The location of this stored content is registered with Amazon Web Services.

3) Content is then added to the specific mobile app. Once users access the content, CloudFront intuitively redirects each user to the nearest server on Amazon’s network.

Amazon CloudFront’s integrated routing logic ensures fast and reliable access to application automatically sending files from locations best suited for each user. Furthermore, the CDN automatically adjusts to increased or decreased demand without any intervention required, giving AppBurst’s clients and end-users the peace of mind peak traffic periods or applications necessitating additional resources will be addressed seamlessly without the need for manual adjustments.  

Third-Party Performance Testing

Compuware Gomez, a leading independent testing company, ran a series of “Last Mile” tests comparing Amazon’s CDN to three other highly ranked competitors: Akamai, Level 3, and Limelight. In the tests, which measure how quickly content is delivered from the content deliver network’s server to the end-users device—hence the name “last mile”, Amazon’s CloudFront consistently performed 10 to 20-percent faster than alternatives.

The tests involved thousands of scenarios measuring real-world internet conditions over a seven-day period, using 12KB and 1MB objects to replicate the most commonly delivered file sizes on web sites and mobile applications. Locations involved in the testing spanned the five major global regions: United States, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

The Gold Standard in Reliability, the most trafficked shopping website in the world with millions of daily users, utilizes the same CDN for its own customers. Beyond CloudFront’s impressive technology and third-party testing results, the fact a company reliant on fast page loads and optimum performance to keep customer’s happy uses the same service is a sign of the technology’s reliability for meeting content delivery needs.

AppBurst continues to push the envelope with innovative features and upgrades to its technology, ensuring clients receive the best possible mobile app for any need and situation. 

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