Multi-Language Support Added to AppBurst Mobile Apps

Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 05, 2012

With the addition of multi-language support, AppBurst-developed mobile applications are now fully capable of reaching a global audience -- giving clients the ability to greatly enhance their brand and take advantage of an expanded user base around the world. The new feature -- available for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps -- will automatically detect the device's native language and load the proper version of the app. Alternatively, a user may select his or her preferred language from the setting areas of the specific app, overriding the device's default option to give users a rich set of language choices.  

On the development side, AppBurst will provide clients with an English-language template to be used for the translation process. Alternative languages can then be entered via a native speaker or translator such as Google Translate. The straightforward, hands-on process ensures the application will display accurate content in each language. 

With the recent transition to Windows Azure for the delivery of application content, AppBurst now utilizes servers around the world and provides clients with a reliable solution to offer brandable, multi-language apps. Check out all of the AppBurst mobile app features and contact us to learn more about engaging mobile app solutions.