Ads & Sponsors

Mobile apps represent unlimited potential to generate a return on investment through ads and sponsorships. Recent studies indicate "in-app native advertising revenue will generate almost two-thirds (63.2%) of mobile display advertising revenue" in the upcoming years.

Coupled with the fact digital media usage on mobile devices has overtaken desktops, leveraging ad space and sponsors is increasingly important for any company or organization considering obtaining or already owning a native mobile app. 

AppBurst offers a number of options to display ads and sponsors throughout the user experience. Unobtrusive features such as banner ads and splash screens may be combined with more aggresive approaches like takeover ads to complete a robust ad campaign for one or more partners. 

Determine additional details such as the number of seconds to display a rotating banner image or taps needed to initiate a takeover ad.

Many of the sections primarily intended for 3rd-party advertising may also be used internally to market a new product, promote a service, or simply make users aware of an important initiative or upcoming event. 

The ability to control various interactive graphics throughout the app gives companies and organizations an invaluable tool for generating additional ROI and engaging users.

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