Branded Landing Page for Easy App Downloads

Even the best mobile apps are prone to disappointing download numbers if users are unable to easily find and install the app on their device. Take this risk out of the equation with a branded portal page setup by AppBurst prior to mobile app's publication. 

A portal page is a user-friendly url branded for the mobile app (e.g. that instantly recognized a user's device and takes him or her to the appropriate storefront. Users are not expected to search for the app using keywords, but instead find themselves immediately directed to the download page on Google Play or the Apple AppStore. 

Users without an Android or iOS device may download the apk file directly or view the HTML5 web app. The former option is best for Amazon devices, while the latter works for Blackberries and other less-popular smartphones. Every user is accounted for with a portal page and ensures maximum download numbers. 

The branded url is perfect for marketing emails, websites, and advertising. Printed material may also include a QR code with the portal page for even easier last-minute downloads at events, on sales floors, or whereveer else the app is needed.