Facebook Sharing Integration

Facebook Sharing IconThe AppBurst platform is integrated natively with the Facebook graph API so the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps built on our platform provide the best user experience for users to share content in the app on their Facebook wall. Our platform allows Facebook sharing to be turned on or off for each section of your app. Some examples of sections of a mobile app a company or organization may want Facebook sharing enabled on are:

  • Blog or Article Posts
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Event Sessions
  • Event Speakers
  • Custom Webpages or Tools

These are just a handful of examples. There are no limits to the type of content we can enable Facebook sharing for.

iPad Facebook Sharing Example

The below screenshots capture how the AppBurst enabled Facebook sharing for the iOS app developed for CCTV Camera Pros. The CCTV Camera Pros Mobile App contains a section with a variety of online tools and calculators used by security installers. AppBurst worked with CCTV Camera Pros to create custom icons that were used for the navigation menu of the tools section in the app. The custom app icons developed are also used when an app user shares any of the tools on facebook.

Custom App Icons

Here is the custom icon set that was created by our user interface designers.

Customer iPhone App icons

Custom Icons in iPhone App

This is a screenshot of the custom icons being used in the iPhone app built for CCTV Camera Pros.

Custom iPhone App icons

Custom Icons and Facebook Sharing in iPad App

A Facebook sharing screen is presented to the user when tapping on the sharing icon in the upper left hand corner of the app and selecting Facebook. Please note that email and Twitter sharing options are also presented when the user taps on this icon.

The user is given the opportunity to add a comment to the share when the "Post to Wall" dialog box opens.

iPad App Facebook Sharing Integration

Branded Facebook Wall Post from Share

Please note the following marketing / branding items when a user posts to another's wall:

  • The title of the post is completely brandable. The example used below: "What is my IP Address?". The title is also a hyperlink to any URL you want. In this case, it takes the user to a URL to download the iPhone, iPad, or Android app depending on the device they are on.
  • The description below the title is completely brandable
  • The custom icon that was developed by AppBurst is posted to the wall
  • The Download the App can be a link to a Facebook app page or to an external URL that can be configured by AppBurst.
  • The "via CCTV Camera Pros Mobile App" is another branding element that AppBurst can configure for clients.
Please note that in the below example, the user did not say something about the post. If the user typed a message, it would appear below their name!

Facebook Wall Share