Display Image Galleries

The AppBurst image gallery feature can embed Flickr image galleries into a custom mobile application, while Flickr's bulk image uploader allows for quick uploading of larger photo galleries. Categorize images by source, theme, or any other criteria and display images in list view or as thumbnails. Toggle between display modes to view the media in a full screen and save images directly to a mobile device. As with other pages in a mobile application from AppBurst, users can share any multimedia page in the app via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Showcase existing Flickr photo streams
  • Create multiple photo galleries in using Flickr image sets
  • Set view displays a grid of thumbnails in photo sets or main stream
  • Detail view displays full screen view of the selected picture
  • App users can share images with others via Facebook, Twitter, and email

image galleries

The AppBurst image gallery feature is one of many that can be used to create a custom mobile application. Check out all of our mobile application features.

Image Gallery Feature Screenshots

iPad landscape

iPad portrait