Live Video Streaming

  • Support for up to 8 IP or CCTV camera views
  • Access multiple cameras by swiping the iPhone screen
  • Users can capture camera images within your app & share them
  • App users can share images via email, twitter, and facebook
  • Pre-configure cameras or allow users to configure cameras
  • Promote your business or special events by providing a live camera view

IP Camera App Configuration

The live camera feed module can be customized for your app in two ways:

  • Control which cameras your customers will see by configuring the camera information in the control panel (public webcam access).
  • Provide customers with access to configure which cameras they connect to and view from the app. This method is used more by surveillance companies to provide an iphone app to their customers to view their security cameras and not by businesses providing public webcam access.
CCTV Camera Pros

The AppBurst live camera feed feature is one of many that can be used to create a custom mobile application. Click here to learn about additional features.