Mobile Chat for Apps

Mobile chat for iPhone, iPad, and Android enables users to network and connect with others in real time without leaving the mobile experience. Providing a chat feature inside of a mobile app also allows companies and organizations to sustain engagement and pairs well with other social-centric features like person directories and social media integration. 

How Mobile Chat for iPhone, iPad, and Android Works

Mobile app users register a profile similar to signing up for other personalized services online. Once registered, a user logs into the app and may interact with other users similar to messaging services offered by cell phones (e.g. iMessage) and other apps such as WhatsApp. 

Benefits of Chat for Mobile Apps

Unexpected phone calls or overlooked emails are seldom effective, yet mobile chat affords users to find a happy median between unannounced communication and posting publically to social media.

Exiting the mobile app to message a user via text messaging, for instance, assumes the user has the other person’s phone number. It also loses the seamless experience of saving all chats and information relevant to the brand in the same place for easier reference at a later date. Mobile chat offers inherent benefits for any company or organization hoping to provide a value-added feature to users. 

Mobile chat also adds great value in the following scenarios:

Scheduling a lunch, dinner, etc. with other users in professional-oriented mobile apps.

Problem solving and asking quick questions amongst team members on-the-go. 

Networking with colleagues and acquaintances without asking for phone numbers.

Lead generation and personal requests for information.

Sharing marketing information directly with interested parties. 

Connecting users with similar interests (e.g. gamers) to discuss your product or service.

A mobile chat feature can also instantly connect users to the mobile app owner for questions about the product or service, requests for material, or to troubleshoot problems. The peace of mind a chat-style help center provides users in the palm of their hand can be promoted across all channels and serve to drive app download numbers and bigger-picture goals like marketing and sales. 

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