Tools, Forms, Calculators, more

AppBurst can develop custom tools, calculators, converters, forms, database interaction, and other interactive components (mini apps we sometimes call them) for the mobile apps that we develop and host. Below is a list and screenshot of tools that were developed for the CCTV Camera Pros mobile app, which is used for by the company for product sales and support.

AppBurst helped CCTV Camera Pros roll out this set of tools to their existing app to assist customers in planning and maintaining video surveillance systems.

AppBurst worked with CCTV Camera Pros to leverage the existing software development that was done for the non-mobile version of the following tools.  

  • What is my IP address?
  • Port forward checker
  • Voltage drop calculator
  • Voltage to watts converter
  • CCTV lens calculator
iPhone iPad App Custom Tool Development

Please download the CCTV Camera Pros app to experience these tools in an app that we developed.

Custom App Development

AppBurst is able to help clients make existing online applications mobile friendly in native iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. We can also help develop tools from scratch depending on the overall scope of the process.

Some things we will need to know if you are planning on having any type of custom tools your app:

  1. Does this tool, calculator, form, database (whatever the process is) already exist online?  If so, what is the URL?
  2. If the tool or process is just an idea and not yet implemented anywhere, we will need a requirements document that describes in detail how the process should work.