Multi-Language Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps for our clients that can support multiple languages because our platform has been developed with internationalization and localization (i18n) built in. AppBurst can enable multi-language support on iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. In addition, our i18n settings can also determine how dates, times and numbers appear according to the region of the user.

The below screen shots show one of the screens from the Planetside2 mobile uplink app (in two different languages) that we developed in partnership with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).

Multiple Language Mobile App Development

At this time, the app supports the following 7 languages: Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish. Sony plans on expanding to add more languages in the future which will be accomplished by applying new language packs to their existing mobile app. No re-submission to the Apple App store or Google Play store will be necessary to do this. The AppBurst platform supports content and language updates without re-submission to the app stores.

How Multi-Language Support Works

Our clients supply us with the content they want contained in their app in as many languages as they want supported. AppBurst takes care of the rest.

For app users, the experience is completely seamless. By default, the app will detect the native language that the user's iPhone, iPad, or Android device runs in. If the app supports that language, that is the language that is automatically displayed by default. If the user wants to override the automatic setting, they can open up the settings screen on their device, select the settings for the app, and navigate to the language settings screen.

iPhone App with Multiple Language Support

Multiple Language Mobile App Development

AppBurst can enable multi-language support on any type of mobile app that we develop including: apps for events, apps for business,apps for games, and any other type of data driven app that you can think of.

Demo Multiple Language Support

Want to demo multi-language support for yourself in an app that we developed? We highly recommend that you download the Planetside2 mobile uplink app to experience this. Please contact us if you have any questions.