Springboard Homepage

Give users easy access to the most important mobile app content with a Springboard Homepage design. AppBurst's intuitive icon-based homescreen ensures vital information isn't overlooked for less-important content or lost behind a complicated menu.

Presenting mobile app highlights and direct access to prioritized content also ensures better engagement and maximizes return on investment from sponsored content, key marketing materials, and interactive features aimed at converting users to leads or customers. 

The Springboard Homepage consists of stock or customizable icons. Stock options may be selected from an existing library and consist of a simple color scheme matching the branding of the entire app. Customizable options may be requested from AppBurst's graphics teams or generated by a 3rd-party following approved guidelines. 

First impressions are vital to ensure users continue to engage in the technology and choose to make a mobile app one of their homescreen preferences alongside standbys like email clients and Facebook. A homepage highlighting important content quickly proves the app's value and gives companies the best chance of success.