Twitter Integration

Users can access twitter posts by clicking on a twitter icon inside of the app, displaying a list of all tweets in order by date posted. The user can then click on any of the tweets in the list view to view the detail view of the tweet. Users can also share any twitter posts via email, facebook, or by re-tweeting by clicking on the share button in the upper left hand corner of the app screen.

  • Display Twitter feeds or custom hashtag feeds in a mobile application
  • The app is updated in real time as new posts are made to Twitter
  • List view of Twitter entries are displayed in chronological order
  • Detail view of each tweet displays entire tweet, date posted, and links
  • List views and detail views can be fully customized, i.e. layout, colors, etc.
  • App users can share tweets with others via Facebook, Twitter, and email

The AppBurst Twitter feature is one of many that can be used to create a custom mobile application. Check out all of our mobile application features.

Twitter Feature Screenshots

iPad landscape

iPad portrait