News & Blogs

Users of the mobile app can simply tap the "blog" or "news" button within the app to access its content. The first screen will display a chronological list of most recent blog titles, with functionality to scroll up and down the screen to view more article titles. Tapping on an individual article title displays the detail page containing the full text of the article, while a sharing button in the upper right hand corner of the screen provide access to Facebook, Twitter, and email.

  • Showcase blog & news content by connecting to an RSS feed
  • List view of blog entries are displayed in chronological order with image thumbnail
  • Detail view of blog post displays the blog articles full text
  • List views and detail views can be fully customized, i.e. layout, colors, etc.
  • Blog posts can be shared within the app with Facebook, Twitter, and email

The AppBurst news features is one of many that can be used to create a custom mobile application. Check out all of our mobile application features.

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