Play Videos in Mobile Apps

The AppBurst video feature showcases YouTube or other videos in a custom mobile application. Videos can be organized by category, source, or other criteria and displayed in list view or as thumbnails, while selecting an individual item displays the video and a description. Play videos in full screen with a simple tap of the device, while sharing functionality is available via email, Facebook, and Twitter to connect users to others.

  • Showcase YouTube videos by connecting to YouTube channels or playlists
  • List view of video entries are displayed in chronological order with video thumbnail
  • Detail view of videos displays details about the video and link to play
  • List views and detail views can be fully customized, i.e. layout, colors, etc.
  • App users can share videos with others via Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Support also provided for MP4 and other file formats

Multiple Video Playlist

Display multiple YouTube video channels and playlists in your app. 

iOS App Display YouTube Videos

In the iPhone app above, multiple video playlists are displayed on the screen on the left. This is the screen that displays when a user taps on the Videos icon in the main lower navigation bar. The user can select from one of the video categories to navigate to the video list. Next, the user can tap on the specific video that they want to view, which brings them to the detail view. On the detail view (right hand side), in addition to being able to play the view, users can share the video via email, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as bookmark the video in the app so that they can find it easily later.

Users can also click on the subscribe button to subscribe to the channel on YouTube.

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Display YouTube Videos in iPhone App

The above video demonstrates how to effectively display video channels and playlists from YouTube in a native iPhone app. The experience of this feature is the same on the iPad and Android apps.

The AppBurst video feature is one of many that can be used to create a custom mobile application. Check out all of our mobile application features.

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