iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile App Development

AppBurst develops native applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as mobile web apps / mobile websites. Our platform support ensures your entire user base will have access to a branded, engaging mobile app.

Below is an overview of how development with our company works.

1) Clients are assigned a project manager to coordinate all tasks and ensure success of the project.  

2) Clients can provide the app content to us via the following methods.

  • Data feeds - JSON, RSS, XML
  • AppBurst Mobile CMS / Dashboard - users can manually input data
  • We can work with your development team to a create custom integration to the client's databases or other backends.  
  • We can also work with excel spreadsheets, existing web content, and virtually any type of data that a client has.  

3) The AppBurst project manager coordinates the branding and custom design features—including colors, themes, graphics, and artwork—to ensure the mobile app is tailor-made for the specific event.  

4) The AppBurst team uses our platform, along with event-specific content and branding, to create engaging, interactive mobile apps for your event, product, brand, or anthing else you want to promote. We guarantee that your app will provide a user-friendly experience for all event attendees no matter what type of smart phone or tablet they access from.

iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile App Development

iPhone App Development

AppBurst began with the development of native iPhone apps in 2009 and continues to offer mobile solutions on a user-friendly iPhone interface supporting a dynamic range of content.  

iPad App Development

Many iPad apps are simply stretched versions of an iPhone app. Our native HD-optimized iPad apps are built specifically for the iPad interface and take advantage of the extra screen space afforded to high resolution iPad devices.

Android App Development

Our native Android apps are compatible with virtually every Android smartphone, as well as Kindles, and can be published in the Google Play marketplace. The AppBurst development team continuously optimizes the Android interface for each platform update, including the newest Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich.

Mobile Websites

While the majority of smartphone users own iPhone or Android devices, ensure 100% of potential users have access to your app with a mobile website. Our mobile web apps were optimized for Blackberry smart phones and work on any other mobile device with an internet connection. From Nokia, Windows Mobile, and Symbian phones to tablets and computers, provide access to your mobile app on any device.