Google+ Sharing Integration | Mobile App Development

Our clients can enable social sharing via Google+ in the mobile apps developed on our platform. The AppBurst platform supports sharing content via Google+ on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile apps. Here is how it works.

In the below image, the screenshot on the left shows a blog post being viewed in an iPhone app that we developed. The user can tap on the share icon, which will slide the share dialog box up. This can be seen in on the iPhone on the right. The user can then tap on the Google+ icon to select to share via Google+.

Google+ Sharing in Mobile App

After the user chooses to share the content via Google Plus, they can they choose which circles to share the content with. The user can also edit the default text that is provided by the app for sharing. We typically recommend to customers to include a title, description, and link to the content. 

iPhone App Google+ Sharing Integration

The below screenshot shows what this particular share looks like on a Google+ post feed in a desktop web browser.

Google Plus Share from Mobile App

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