Content Bookmarking

Our clients can enable content bookmarking, also known as favorites, in the mobile apps developed on our platform. The AppBurst platform supports content bookmarking on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile apps. Here is how it works.

In the below image (click for a larger view), the screenshot on the left shows a product page being viewed in the shopping section of the iCamViewer iPhone app. Bookmarking is enabled in the shopping section of the app so that users see a star icon on the bottom toolbar of the app when any product page is viewed. If the user of the app taps on the star icon, the product page that they are viewing is added to their bookmarks / favorites.

iPhone App Content Bookmarking

When the app user wants to access all of the content that they previously bookmarked / added to favorites, they tap on the bookmarks tap on the main bottom navigation of the app (shown above, on the right).

The bookmarks / favs section of the app is broken up into content types if multiple content types are enabled. For example, the iCamViewer app has bookmarking enabled for the following content types: blog posts, videos, and products. You can see the bookmarks are broken up into these sections in the screen shot above on the right.

Content Bookmarking in iPhone App Video Demo

The above video demonstrates content bookmarking in the CCTV Camera Pros mobile app for iOS. This app serves as a great example to showcase this development feature because of the various types of content that are enabled for bookmarking. Users are able to bookmark products, videos, articles, and even custom tools in the app. This app also works on iPad, Android, and Android tablets.

iPad App with Bookmarking / Favorites Enabled

Below you can see the bookmarks / favorites section being accessed on the iPad app. It works the same way except iPad apps have a split screen with the bookmarked content listed on the left pane of the screen, and the content displayed on the larger pane on the right when selected.

iPad App Bookmarks Favorites

Bookmarking Event Sessions to Create a Custom Schedule

Another great example of using bookmarks / favorites can be seen in some of the event apps that we have developed. We have developed over a hundred mobile apps for events and some of these apps use bookmarking as a way to let event attendees create a custom schedule of sessions that they will be attending.

Event App Custom User Schedule

Click here to learn more about how bookmarking is used in event apps to create custom user schedules.