Mobile Push Message Notification with Deep Linking

Push notifications, also known as push messages and push alerts, enable administrators to send messages directly to all of the subscribed users of their mobile app. In addition to supporting push messages, the AppBurst platform also supports including a "deep link" with the message which means that the user of the app is brought to a specific section or page when they tap on the notification.

How Push Messages Work

Here is how it works. AppBurst customers are given access to an administration interface that we call the dashboard. In the dashboard is a section that administrators use to send push notifications to their users using a simple form. Below is a screen shot of the push section of the dashboard.

Mobile Push Message

Administrators enter the text message that they want to send in the message field. Push messages can be up to 120 characters in length. If the administrator wants the users to be brought to a specific section of the app, they also enter the unique URL for that piece of content in the app. This is known as "deep linking". If no link is specified, the app will launch when the user acknowledges the push notification and the user will be brought to the home screen.

Scheduled Push Messages

The introduction of scheduled push messaging greatly helps admin users and serves to address instances when an important message needs to be sent and time zone differences or other priorities make it difficult for someone to be in front of a computer. Scheduling multiple messages at once--often times weeks or months in advance--also serves to ensure notifications aren’t forgotten and give staff members the peace of mind sending timely mobile app push alerts doesn't have to be a day-to-day concern.

Whether sending a push message right away or scheduling one for later, the process only entails a few simple steps easily accomplished by admin users. The latter option, or scheduling a push message, involves typing the message and choosing applicable options like a standard message. Admin users subsequently select a date and time for the push to be published and once saved are able view the queued messages in a list with the ability to delete or edit those messages awaiting publication.

Push Notification Subscriber Stats

The AppBurst dashboard displays statistics about the number of push subscribers that exist for each app. Administrators quickly get an overview of how many devices will receive their push message. The numbers are further broken down by device type.

Push Message Subscriber Stats

Below is what the push notification looks like on an iPhone when the device is locked. If the user unlocks the device while the message is displayed, their iPhone will automatically open the app and bring them to the section that was specified by the administrator. App users can also navigate to the message center of their mobile device and tap on the message for the same result.

Push Notification with Deep Linking

The user experience of receiving a message is the same on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices and the AppBurst dashboard is used to create the push message once to send to all platforms.