AppBurst Mobile App Solutions Plans Chart

The chart below is an overview of the typical options available for our mobile app solutions and monthly service agreement. Our Standard, Professional, and Enterprise tiers showcase three of the most popular options for companies with varied budgets and goals, while a custom tier and custom development are also available for organizations in need of a more specialized solution. A more detailed explanation of our app plans is available here.

App PlansCompare

  • Core Features
  • All Platforms & Unlimited Downloads Includes iOS, Android, Windows, and a Web app. No limits are placed on the number app users or downloads.
  • AppBurst Sky (SSL, CDN, Dashboard) Worldwide availability using 70-servers.
  • AppBurst Dashboard w/ App Analytics Access to AppBurst’s Content Management System (CMS) including Analytics reports.
  • Premium Themes, Colors and Your Graphics Select from our unique design layouts, colors, and incorporate your own app graphics.
  • Content and Data
  • Content Item Limit The total number of individual content items.
  • Section Limit Based on the size of the app’s navigation structure (i.e. hierarchy of content).
  • General Content Includes Pages, Documents, Bookmarking, and Static Maps.
  • Advanced Data Filtering and Organization An additional layer of organization using categories and tags customized around your content.
  • Interactive Maps Enables users to quickly and easily find the exhibitors or sessions assigned to a particular location.The feature also provides the ability to bookmark or check the location as visited. Read more
  • Advanced Analytics In addition to Dashboard Analytics, this feature provides clients with access to an online reporting portal and more detailed statistics. Read more
  • Multi-Language Increase your user base around the world by offering the same application in multiple languages. Read more
  • Sponsor Section, Adbars & Splash screens We offer several different ways for sponsors to promote themselves within our applications. Read more
  • Social Engagement
  • Feedback, Surveys, Contact Us Utilize feedback and surveys to better know your audience, improve company initiatives, and more.
  • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook List Our integration with Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook offer a seamless experience between your social media pages and our apps.
  • Social Sharing Share in-app content via social media and other sharing methods, such as email, text, tweet, and more.
  • Live Polling Enables a presenter or event organizer to ask their audience/attendees questions. The results are displayed in real-time. Read more
  • Push Messaging Interact with end users in real-time to send urgent notifications, sponsor messages, or simply pointing out promotions and updates. Read more
  • Login
  • User Login Each end user is provided unique login credentials. Read more
  • Advanced User Login The ability to assign permissions/roles to individual users.
  • Support
  • App Setup & Client Support Creation of the app’s navigation structure and support via email, phone, or live chat support.
  • Data Management Let us organize, upload, and make any changes or updates to the content you might have.
  • Customizations, Integrations and Services
  • Custom Graphic Design Includes all the in-app graphics such as app icon, splash screen, and title bar logo. Read more
  • Custom Content Types Certain types of content may require being converted before the upload process.
  • Custom Themes Our design team can create specialized themes to best fit your content.
  • Custom Development We can develop custom tools, database interactions, and other interactive components. Read more
  • Third Party Data or SSO User Integration We’ve integrated with several databases, and have the ability to link the app to the databases directly.
  • CSV / XLS Import Enables content to be exported and imported to our Dashboard.


Setup + 1 Year Hosting

  • 100
  • 25
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available


Setup + 1 Year Hosting

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available

* Feature additions are a one-time fee, and are not a recurring charge.