User Password Login & Authorization in Mobile Apps

Want to require users to login to your mobile app to gain access to certain areas or content? AppBurst offers password protection and role-based user authorization to provide clients with complete control over access to app content. This feature works on iPhone, iPad, and Android apps that we develop. Whether restricting a single portion of the app to one group of authorized users or creating multiple roles to manage content across various groups of users, our solution gives clients greater flexibility and the assurance sensitive data will only be displayed to those with permitted access.

Options for in-app user authentication include custom 3rd party integration or alternatively using AppBurst’s versatile “out of the box” solution, which provides clients with a complete set of tools to assign roles and manage users via the AppBurst Dashboard admin system

The workflow for AppBurst’s role-based user authentication is as follows: 


  1. Adds roles to the AppBurst dashboard, such as “internal” and “general”.
  2. Assigns created roles to specific app content. For example, premium content can be assigned a role of "premium".
  3. Reviews app registrations and accepts or declines pending users, assigning certain roles to each user in the process and thus controlling access to data in the app.

End User:

  1. Launches app and is prompted with a login screen when accessing a restricted area.
  2. Registers with a name, email address, and password.
  3. Verifies registration via email and then awaits registration approval from an administrator. 
  4. Once approved, the user can access app content based on the roles applied by admin.

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