AppBurst Experience

Mobile application development for iPhone, iPad, and Android is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Knowing the challenges many people and organizations encounter when searching for the right developer, AppBurst strives to create the best experience possible from the first inquiry to finished product. Our customer service-driven team not only handles the entire technical aspect of building a mobile app, but also places a high value on lasting relationships with each and every client.

Building the Relationship

From the moment someone reaches out to AppBurst for information on developing an app, a genuine effort is made by our team to build and establish a transparent relationship benefiting everyone involved. A sales rep will speak at length with potential clients--or existing clients seeking a new app--to ascertain his or her goals, developing a customized, detailed proposal with a clear list of deliverables, timeframes, and costs associated with the project. Demos of our existing appstestimonials, and references are also available to give everyone involved peace of mind the finished product will meet or exceed expectations.

A Dedicated Support Specialist

AppBurst’s goal is to make the development process as painless as possible. Once a contract is signed, a kick-off call is scheduled with a dedicated customer support specialist for the app to review a detailed setup document highlighting all of the requirements for the app--including the three biggest considerations of any app; (1) establishing the hierarchy of content, (2) completing graphics, and (3) getting content into the app.

The support specialist walks each client through the entire process and ensures all of the necessary items are completely understood. Milestones are set based on the projected live date of the app, the availability of the client to work on requirements, and the time needed to develop the app.

Once the graphics and hierarchy of content is finalized, along with a majority of content, clients are provided a test app to track the final stages of development, offer feedback, and make change requests before the app is made available to the public. Available daily via email or phone and typically able to respond within the hour, each support specialist aims to quickly and efficiently manage his or her client requests to ensure each app is 100% ready upon its release.

Meeting Different App Needs

Throughout the life of the app--both in the development stage and after its release--many clients prefer providing direction on every aspect of the app’s layout and design, while others choose a “hands-off” approach--trusting AppBurst's experience and knowledge in the industry to produce a great finished product. The customer support specialist assigned to each app is happy to work with both styles or meet anywhere in the middle based on a client’s personal preference, maintaining a high level of support in every instance.

Understanding every app involves a lot of communication between app developer and client, the support specialist assigned to an app during the development stage is in most cases the same person managing client needs after the app is live, ensuring a seamless relationship and the best support possible.

On-Site Support

For mobile apps geared towards a specific event, or for those that may coincide with a product launch or other important happening, AppBurst also offers on-site support to assist staff members, conference attendees, or other users in downloading the app on smartphones and tablets, as well as to provide general troubleshooting, aid in sending timely push messages, and any other assistance as needed.

Our Promise to Clients 

Every mobile application released by AppBurst is a reflection of our ability to provide a high quality, engaging finished product. AppBurst’s worry-free Software as a Service (SaaS) model translates to peace of mind for our clients and every mobile app will be available to users via a reliable, cloud-based content delivery system.

Much like a 5-star resort, restaurant, or other customer-driven business, we prioritize client’s satisfaction over anything else and make every attempt to create positive experiences with quality end results. We hope to become an extension of each client, collaborating on custom features and enjoying the flexibility needed to listen and respond to requests, feedback, and ideas throughout the relationship.

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