AppBurst Service Agreement

The AppBurst Service Agreement incorporates everything a mobile app needs to function and includes; the AppBurst Sky—cloud hosting with worldwide caching and 99.97% uptime, the AppBurst Dashboard—realtime publishing of content and configuration, as well as unlimited push messages, Software Updates—peace of mind the app is always maintained and consequently free of potential bugs, and of course Account Management—a dedicated support specialist standing by to assist clients.

AppBurst Sky

In a word: reliability. AppBurst Sky offers the best in cloud hosting to ensure each and every mobile app is accessible to users around the world with worldwide caching and 99.97% uptime. Client’s application data initially resides on a Microsoft Azure origin server, where content is then registered with Amazon’s Web Service for use in its content delivery network (CDN) known as Amazon CloudFront—intuitively redirecting each request for an app download or update to one of 52 global servers on the network. Amazon CloudFront, trusted by the most trafficked shopping website in the world, automatically adjusts to increased or decreased demand and utilizes integrated routing logic to ensure fast and reliable access to application data, sending files from locations best suited for each user. AppBurst Sky gives clients and end-users alike peace of mind. (Read More...)

AppBurst Dashboard

An admin system with the power to publish changes in real-time, the AppBurst Dashboard is a user friendly tool enabling clients to control significant aspects of their mobile app’s appearance, content, and configuration. Other tools available in the Dashboard include sending unlimited push messages, managing user registrations, and manipulating interactive features such as surveys and maps. Clients receive access to a tailor-made version of the admin system geared towards each specific app, ensuring admin users are able to quickly access controls applicable to his or her individual needs. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of updating a mobile app in real-time from the comforts of home, the office, or even on the go with the AppBurst Dashboard. (Read More...)

Software Updates

Behind the scenes, AppBurst allocates significant resources to keep every mobile app running and up to date. Major development work is often required to keep existing applications problem-free when a new version of the iOS or Android SDK is released, while minor software releases from Apple, Google, and other software vendors require additional maintenance. Device-specific bugs, most often addressed individually to ensure the vast majority of devices provide a great user experience, also occur as new hardware versions are released—an extremely relevant concern regarding the high number of Android devices available on the market. AppBurst addresses all of these updates as part of the comprehensive service agreement to each client, typically coordinating software updates with additional update requests by the client to minimize app updates sent out to end users. (Read More...)

Account Management

Mobile app projects involve a lot of moving parts and require significant communication between a development company and its client. AppBurst provides a Customer Support Specialist to serve as an expert resource and guide throughout the entire process. From an initial kick-off call to determine milestones and requirements to publishing the app in the AppStore and Google Play, experience the benefit of someone standing by daily to answer any questions or concerns, as well as proactively offer feedback and ensure the project moves along in a timely manner. A client’s point of contact will remain the same throughout the process, ensuring efficient communication and a pain-free experience as the app evolves from an idea to the finished product. (Read More...)