Apps for Business

Since our inception, the primary focus at AppBurst has been on creating the best platform to develop mobile apps for business. We accomplish this by focusing on making it easy for companies to leverage the existing content that they already use to market and promote their vision, brand, events, products and services that they offer. Our customers partner with us primarily to "mobilize" their existing content into native iOS and Android apps. In addition to mobilizing content, AppBurst can also develop custom tools and interaction in the mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, mobile websites) that we develop for our clients.

Types of Mobile Apps for Business

Sales and Marketing Apps

The Exelis iPad app is used by the company's sales staff at conferences and tradeshows around the world. The app allows Exelis sales reps to easily show brochures and presentations to prospective clients. Customers can also directly download the app from the App Store to research products on their own. The app also showcases Exelis' products and technology using the extensive video library. Users can also keep up to date on company news and interact with Exelis social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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Mobile Apps for Events

In 2010, AppBurst created the the first mobile app for a major event using our platform. We quickly realized that because of the way we built the platform to mobilize business data, it was also the perfect fit to create apps for events and conferences. Since then, we have successfully developed over 100 mobile apps for events. Many of these apps, in addition to containing the information that an attendee would use at an event (like session, speaker, and exhibitor information), also contain content about the organizations hosting and sponsoring the event.  Due to the success Appburst has experienced in the event industry, we have a website to explain more about this.

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Business Tool Development for Mobile Apps

Another great example of a business app to promote products and services can be seen in the CCTV Camera Pros mobile app. CCTV Camera Pros is a supplier of video surveillance equipment. CCTV Camera Pros contracted AppBurst develop a set of tools in their mobile app which assist security installers in planning and installing surveillance systems. In addition to the installer tools, the app also contains product specifications, manuals, setup instructions, and a video library which helps CCTV Camera Pros market their products to the thousands of users that download the app for the free tools.

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Have Questions?

Do you have questions about how AppBurst can assist your company in creating a mobile app for your business or brand? Please contact us so that we can schedule a call and demo with you.